Friday, October 26, 2007

The Ornaments!

I finally got outside to take these pictures on my lunch break. Classic felt Christmas Tree Ornaments. I hope you love them!

The star is my favorite :) I think I'm going to re-take the group picture when there's better lighting- I already played with the image on the computer, but I think I just need to start over.

These will be entered in the holiday contest at Softies Central, and will be in our Etsy shop eventually- probably after Thanksgiving.

I took pictures of Nathan's newest plushie, so that should show up here soon. I'm also almost done with a new one (a chipmonk!!) which I'm excited to show you! Check back soon!

Have a wonderful weekend :)


Jennifer said...

Santa is my favorite. His expression is something other than jolly.

Denny & Sue said...

I have to agree with Jennifer. I love Santa's crooked grin! Very nice ornaments. Didn't know you you could do such a nice blanket stitch!

Anonymous said...

Santa is my favorite too. I'd love to know what he's thinking...

-Rachel H

Skully said...

Very cute! Nice work.