Monday, October 29, 2007


I got a package today! Last week I mentioned on a forum on Etsy that I could use some fabric scraps, and a couple people jumped at the chance to give some to me! Today I got a package of scraps from Eve of Faff Creations by Eve. There were lots of great fabrics in there. My favorites were patterns of monarch butterflies, peacock feathers, and robot parts/theme. So fun! There's no way I could find (or afford) so many cool patterns :) Thank you Eve!!

I got two things made today, but I can't show you because both are gifts. Sorry! I'll try to post pictures later- once they get to the people to whom they are going.

Have a great night!


Denny & Sue said...

The fabrics look great! That is so cool that you can network with other crafters like that!

Glad your shoppe is doing so well!

Jennifer said...

That's so sweet!

Denny & Sue said...

The mutant snowman is an inspired creation! Must be that global warming Al Gore has been warning us about!