Monday, December 10, 2007


We've been included in a treasury on Etsy!!! I'm so excited! The difference between this and Treasury West is that a regular treasury is not only viewed by more people, but also has the potential to be featured on Etsy's front page! How cool! Check it out: Lions and tigers and bears.

I retook the not-so-great Bill the Mome Rath pictures this weekend and have been working on my final custom order for the year. Besides that, I think I want to make a couple of ornaments to give to people.

We're moving on Friday, so that's pretty much life right now! We still have some packing to do but are getting there. Wish us luck!!


Denny & Sue said...

Very cool!

Also wish we could help you move. Hope it goes well!

becca said...

That's so cool that you are in a treasury already.

I hope the move goes well. Good luck with all the packing and cleaning.