Monday, January 21, 2008


As I promised, I'm going to show off my two new bags! The first is completely hand-sewn and painted, and the second is hand painted and block printed.

I got this one from my parents for Christmas. It's a mini messenger bag, so it's a perfectly sized purse. It even has red polka dot lining :) I love it! Check out I Scream Seams for cool items like this.

I'm going to start substitute teaching soon, and I hear I'll have lots of time to read, so I decided that I needed a bag with which to carry books and such. I had seen this one some time ago but resisted the urge to buy (as I usually do). But now I have the need for it (and the Christmas money to pay for it) so It's mine!! One of the especially cool things about this tote is that it's printed on both sides.


Denny & Sue said...

That "bee" bag is beautiful! Of course I'm sort of partial to the bike bag though....

Jael Paris said...