Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy 2008!

Hello, friends! I'm sorry that we've been neglecting our blog. We've had a busy month! There was moving, then Christmas and New Year's, then getting settled, doing post-Christmasy things, and beginning the job search/application process. So far things are going well!

I just wanted to post a quick update about Red Thread Plushies! Things are looking good in our shop- we've finally been able to get a couple of new things in there, so stop by and check it out! Since I last posted we finished and sold a couple things, including Bill the Mome Rath:

And a custom order, Munchie the candy monster, for a friend:

Probably the coolest thing made by Red Thread over this last month was by Nathan. He made this awesome Jack Black plushie for his sister. He's proposing, if you couldn't tell ;) My favorite part is the guitar.

As for new things currently in the shop, I made another lion named Persimmon who has been getting lots of views:

I bought some fleece a while back to play around with, and finally got around to doing so this week. Out of it came Sam the kitty cat, complete with a felt fish snack! To my surprise, he's featured in a treasury today (in the first spot, no less)!! I listed him last night and he already has 61 views, which is pretty incredible for us!

I'll update again soon and show you the awesome purse I got for Christmas and the bag I just ordered (both from Etsy)! Have a great day!


becca said...

Jack Black is awesome. These things are so cute.

Denny & Sue said...

You are both so very talented! Jack Black is so well done and I think Sam the Kitty looks oh so cuddly! You know already that I love Tangarine and Munchie is way cute. Keep up the clever work!

Jael Paris said...

Jack is impressive!

So that's what Munchie look like with his candy.