Monday, March 24, 2008

Johnny Sweets, Private Eye

Nathan just completed another masterpiece! Claudiasburningink, a fellow Etsian, requested him. She suggested that he could do with a tiny briefcase, so we substituted that for the cinnamon bun that the origional Johnny Sweets was holding. Don't worry- he's still got one stowed away. I think he turned out really great, although I think he took longer than any other plushie we've ever made! Great job, Nathan!

This reminds me of the pictures where the detective is leaning nonchalantly against a lamppost.

Isn't this a great briefcase?? It even opens up. Now if only I would have been smart enough to take a picture of the inside... well, just so you know, inside is a top secret file (on himself) and a cinnamon bun. Of course.

I know his hat is tucked into his jacket. Don't worry, I fixed it before I shipped him out. I love his tail!

Who is that mysterious blurry figure?? He's so sneaky.


Jem♥Jam said...

I love it!

ickleson said...

I second that, he's just too cute. x

Dennis & Sue said...

Amazing! Love the briefcase. Brilliant idea having a file as well as a cinnamon bun inside. LOL

Rachel said...

He is fabulous!!!