Thursday, October 23, 2008

Return of the Crammed Organisms!

I just got a box-o-plush in the mail! The plushies I'd sent to be in the Crammed Organisms show returned to me today, along with the official Crammed Organisms book! That's the part I was really excited about, because... well, look!

That's right, a full spread of Red Thread Plushies!!! And guess who get's a page all to himself (with a landmark in the background, no less)!

I'll be listing our celebrity friends in the shop over the next few days, so keep your eyes open for updates!

Additionally, here's the plushie I made yesterday, Sunny the cat!

She's pretty darn cute and very fluffy and cuddly :) She's currently listed in our shop.

Happy Thursday!


Dennis and Sue said...

I looked at your shop and was surprised seeing the bear and the tiny Mome Rath. Very cute critters!

Crammed said...

Glad you got it!

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