Thursday, October 11, 2007

Good Monsters

Monsters are so fun to make! I drew a bunch today... it's cool because you can make them look however you want- there are no rules! So I have a bunch of fun ideas for new plushie monsters that I'm excited about working on.

Today I started a new project immediately after work- wow! I usually just want to veg after work but was excited about an idea and so got started right away! That's a good sign! This plushie only took 3 1/2 hours to make! I was really surprised because I was really careful about its construction quality. I made teensy weensy stitches and am SO glad I did- the seams look great!! No matter how you sew it you're going to see the stitches, so making them tiny and even made the seams look really really good. Plus I feel like it's more tight and sturdy.

Aaand here he is! I think I'm going to call him Maurice.

He's bright red on the front and dark red on the back... sorry about the bad lighting- it's dark outside! He doesn't look quite like the picture I drew, but I really like him anyway. His mouth was kind of tricky to do because I wanted to cover up where the top of the teeth were sewn to the face so I had to go over it like 3 times with embroidery floss. It looks a little funky, but hey, it's a monster so that's ok!

All in all, I'm really happy with this one simply because of the good construction. This thing won't be falling apart any time soon. I feel like that's a pretty big step for me because I would never want to sell something that was bad quality. It took a loooong time to sew all the way around this thing with those teeny tiny stitches, but it was totally worth it.

The plan right now is to make around two more plushies and then open a shop on Etsy. Opening a shop is free and they only charge a 20 cent listing fee for four months, then 3.5% (I think) cut if it sells. Sounds good. We shall see!

I hope you like Maurice!! Nighty night.


Denny & Sue said...

Maurice is cute, if a bit scary looking with all those sharp teeth! It is great you have found a creative outlet!

Skully said...

Your monsters are so cute! I love them. I like the teeth. I'm a fan of big teeth in a monster :)

Kate said...

Cute plush, like your style, keep up the good work!

Field Notes said...

Love your monsters! Please put an etsy mini store up on your blog :-) please! I love browsing that way!! Please :-)

mommyandmeboutique said...

Welcome. I wish you great success on Etsy. It is a fun place, great artist.

Samantha said...

Let me know when you open an Etsy store. I'm at They're all adorable! You should emphasize that they're all hand-sewn too. Good luck!

becca said...

That's great that you're selling them online. I may just have to buy one.