Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tangerine and more

Well, as you can see from the sidebar I got our Etsy shop up and running! Lots of people are looking at our plushies, 11 people have added our shop to their favorites, and I'm getting some really great feedback. Hurray!

Yesterday morning I finished a plushie I had been working on Friday night: Tangerine the lion. I love him!! He turned out even better than I was hoping. I wasn't sure how his mane would come out, but I really like it. His face is my avatar for Etsy right now. Here's a picture, but if you want more angles check out our Etsy store.

Isn't he adorable?!

Yesterday the internet wasn't working when I wanted to set up our Etsy store, so I made this little monster instead. He's simple and weird and happy about it. He reminds me of one of the ghosts in Pac-Man. I think I'm calling him Zeke.

Right now I'm working on a bunny, and that'll be done later today. I think after that I'm going to try to make a few felt Christmas ornaments (like those ones you have, Mom) because I think they're really cute. But I need some buttons and such for those, which I don't have....

Anyway, that's what's happening this weekend. Hope you like it!


Denny & Sue said...

I especially like Tangerine the Lion! Cute critter and brilliant name!

Ember said...

cool! I love your one eyed monster... Zeke is it? Doesnt that mean star in hebrew? My friends son is called it

Amiquette said...

Tangerine is SO cute! OH my goodness. :) :) They are all so adorable! Will you bring them to the party so we can all meet them? :D

CheshireCat said...

do these little guys have a Red Thread logo on them somewhere? to trademark them as yours???