Wednesday, November 14, 2007

He's Heeeeere

Our butterfly friend has arrived! This lil yellow (not so very green) fella hatched out yesterday! His wings were still floppy when we put him outside on the windowsill. I hope he lives a happy happy butterfly life! Surprisingly, a couple days ago two butterflies just like him showed up in the apartment! I guess we had more little green wormies than we thought! Prettiest infestation EVER.

AND now you can see all of the secret projects I've been keeping from you! Yay!!

First is the mome rath that I made for my friend-of-the-same-first-name as part of an art trade. She gets this little guy and I get a colored pencil Jabberwocky illustration that she drew in college! Awesome!

The fabric for his spots is from FaffCreations.

Below is a peach for the same friend! I had to miss her senior college art show (which is a HUGE deal for art majors at our ex-college), so I made Rachel her very own momo! I think she liked it- she spent the rest of the day singing "momo and the mome rath!"

Below is a felt heart ornament that I made to thank the two ladies who donated their fabric scraps to me! The other side has green buttons.

Aaaand, my latest custom order! No, this isn't Tangerine- he's in Canada. This is Tangerine's cousin, Tangelo! He came out pretty darn cute- slightly different from Tangerine, but with just as much of a personality... and mischievous grin!

I'll post again soon with more exciting things to say! Have a splendiferous day!


Kate said...

oh yay, what a cute butterfly! Your new creations are very cute too!

Denny & Sue said...

Brilliant stuff! You are so creative! I especially like the Rath and Tangello. Tangerine is one of my faves.

becca said...

You make stuffed toys (therefore you live in a toy factory) and have been infested by butterflies. Your life sounds very fairytale-like.

Amiquette said...

YAY I see the jade is alive and well living with the stuffed creatures and butterflies!