Friday, November 9, 2007


First of all, we're featured on a blog today! Check out Indie Finds on Etsy to read the feature. Thanks, Dotty!!


I've gotten a couple things done since I last posted!

I finished a monster similar to the mome rath I made for my friend, and I will be listing it on Monday.

Someone requested a Tangerine twin, so I'll start working on that as soon as I can get some more orange felt.

I made a little gift for somebody (which I need to get shipped out today).

I need to get moving on making some new plushies! I'm falling behind!


We're heading up to Michigan tonight to see a bunch of friends and have a multi-holiday party! This includes carving pumpkins for Halloween, having a big Thanksgiving dinner, and doing a Christmas gift exchange. I'm so excited! Hopefully we can make it before midnight. If not we're going to crash at my parents' house on the way.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Denny & Sue said...

So awesome that you were featured!

Sound's like you're busy alright!

So happy and proud of your successful business! Brilliant! Bravo/brava!