Thursday, November 8, 2007

Suuuuper Digby!

Digby the purple puppy is part of a treasury in Etsy's Treasury West! I'm SO excited!!

The treasury is called "Dog first, husband second" (haha!). Thought I don't share the sentiment, I am honored that a plushie of mine is somebody's favorite! Check it out (I'm having trouble linking to the exact page, so just follow this link and scroll through the pages until you find the dog treasury)! The treasury will expire tomorrow night at 6, so look now!!

For those of you who don't know, a treasury is a list of 12 items chosen by an Etsy user. These items often appear in a set according to a theme (dogs in this case), color, or medium. Treasuries are highly sought after as there can only be a certain number at a time; it's hard to get a treasury! A link to the main treasury can be found on the main Etsy page, but Treasury West is kind of an offshoot of the main treasury. I only know about it from the forums. Every list in the main treasury has the potential to be chosen to be featured on the front page; Treasury West does not. So Digby won't be showing up on the front page because of this, but it is directing some people to our shop which is great.

Thanks to theknottysheep for choosing Digby for your treasury!!

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Denny & Sue said...

I guess I looked too late to find the treasury but when I searched by "digby" I did find him.