Friday, November 16, 2007

Treasury Westfulness

We made it into another Treasury West! Maurice is featured this time- I'm glad- I love that little guy. If you want to see it, go to Treasury West and find the list called "Mugshots" It will expire today at 12:31, so hurry over! If you miss it, it's my own fault for posting this so late... oopsie.

I also made a treasury of my own! I happened to wander in when there were tons of spaces open, so I decided to give it a go just to learn how to do it. Mine is appropriately named, "I'll give it a try..."


We're leaving for a cruise tomorrow!!! I'm so excited. That means we won't be around to tend the shop for a week, but I'll put up an announcement so everyone knows that any orders will be delayed.

I probably won't be posting anything new for at least a week, so Happy Thanksgiving!

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Denny & Sue said...

Brilliant! Congratulations!