Friday, November 16, 2007

Livin' Large

Sooo... right now we're staying in a hotel room. For free.

Apparently every time we use our shower water pours into the apartment below us! Cool! Yesterday they told us they'd have it fixed by this afternoon, but today we were told that they don't know when it's going to be fixed! Double cool! AND we aren't allowed to use any water at all (sinks, toilet, shower, etc.) in our apartment, so we're over in the campus' hotel for the night! TRIPLE cool!!

Yeah, it's a little annoying, but at least we get to hang out and watch movies on cable all night.

And tomorrow....

We're leaving for a cruise!!! We're going with Nathan's family (it's our graduation present from them) and a bunch of people from their church on a cruise of the Mexico area... I know that's vague... I'll tell you more when we get back. We have a 14ish hour car ride ahead of us tomorrow, but it should be worth it. As long as the weather is nice this time!!

Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody :)

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Cathy said...

enjoy your cruise - sounds like it will be a well deserved break - and how wonderful that it's a gift!