Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kitty Capone

We fiiiiiinally finished our last custom order last night. This is Kitty Capone, a mobster that Johnny Sweets, Private Eye has been hunting down. He's finally showed his mug after a month of lying low.

Nathan's contribution to this one was the tommy gun. It's made out of the same wire mesh that we used to make Simon's cage, and is then overlaid with felt. I'm pretty satisfied with the way he turned out, and am relieved that he's finally finished.

I'm actually about five minutes away from being done with one of my entries for Crammed Organisms, which is pretty amazing- I started today and am going to finish today. I will hopefully post pictures tomorrow. I'm excited about it too!

I hope you all had a great weekend :)


becca said...

I might say this about all your plushies, but I really mean it - this is seriously amazing.

Dennis & Sue said...

Awesome! Really brilliant! Can hardly wait to see the rest!

Autonomous Artisans said...

Pure genius!